Y.M.C.A. Naked Swimming Skinny-dipping

Y.M.C.A. Naked Dive

If you agree with most of what this website says, then we are asking of you to make our message yours and pass it along to your friends. Don’t think you are alone in wanting this freedom.

Others, like yourself, desire to express their emotions, and wish to enjoy spiritual and physical bonding with other males in a safe environment. We, as Christians,  need to be vulnerable in our relationships and be discerning in our decisions. We can do this with the help of our fellow brothers in Christ and with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Yet it seems that fear stops us from taking these risks. In fact, what makes these needs risky, are our fears. We ,and others out there, Men swimming naked around boatare afraid to trust God in enjoying the natural freedoms that He has given to us. Why? Because extreme feminism, gay movements, and other ideas have twisted our culture and the Christian church into thinking that what we desire to do and be, is that of  lust. Because of this modern false view, we start living a lie, and begin hardening our hearts in fear of being exposed.

Help G.A.S.guys by sharing with other guys about our website. Become the man God has created you to be without fear or shame.

There are many ways you can tell other men about the enjoyment and needs of skinny-dipping with their male friends. If you have stories of past swimming fun, then let them know. You can even make your own website, like on wordpress.com.

Please PRAY for G.A.S.guys.  Pray that we will do God’s will and stay focus on the message that we believe He has placed upon our hearts.  Pray that men would find this website and change their minds about skinny-dipping and nudity. God bless you and may you stay strong believing in our Lord, Jesus Christ.