G.A.S. is a website (not a group or nudist organization) for Straight Christian Men, who enjoy skinny-dipping  (a.k.a wild swimming). But why create a Christian website about  swimming naked with your male friends or alone?


Gymnos Aquatic Saints

I know. This website sounds weird, if not bizarre.  But there once was a time in Europe and Northern America (In the Good Old Days) when this group was idea.  God created man to enjoy and learn about His creation, plus to keep his body healthy. One way is swimming.

But Naked? Yes! For over six thousand years God-fearing men have enjoyed skinny-dipping (wild swimming) with their male friends or alone. Christian men have skinny-dipped for around two thousand years. Yet, times have changed in today’s world. When you look up on the Web about groups for guys who enjoy skinny-dipping, you will find sites for Naturist Camps, Nude Beaches, or  Gays (Homosexuals). Today, when we think of guys skinny-dipping with other guys, we think of Naturist Camps, Nude Beaches, or Gays. Right?

What happened? Why don’t most Christian men skinny-dip with other guys or at all? Well, till the 1970s, schools, beaches, and other places with indoor pools would make guys swim naked. What changed everything were probably three reasons. First, men had no choice but to swim  naked. Even when the swim suit was invented, guys had to skinny-dip. (We have links on this website that tells why boys and men were not allowed t wear swim suits) It’s not fun to swim naked when you don’t have the freedom to choose not to.  Second, women began swimming with the men. Either for equal rights or for saving money by not using two separate pools. Because of this, there was now a need for modesty while there was still Christian morality in the culture. Third, Some mothers were complaining  about their sons being naked around other boys and wouldn’t allow them to join the swim team or the Y.M.C.A. . Mean while, the fathers kept silent. As years went by, many Christians thought skinny-dipping was immoral all together. People started using skinny-dipping for sexual pleasures and not for plain everyday fun or healthy activities. Movies and books started using skinny-dipping for sex themes and not innocent fun. People would also swim naked with the opposite gender of whom they were not married to. Indeed, Christian Morality was fading away in the Western world. Skinny-dipping was no longer a normal past time with friends. It became a joke, or a past time for sex.

This doesn’t have to be so. As Christian Men we can’t allow the world to take away simple pleasures in life and fill it with sinful ideas. With the Holy Spirit, we can enjoy good biblical lives with-out evil taking over. True, there are Christian Naturist Camps out there, but they are for mix genders. Plus, you don’t have to go to a nudist camp to enjoy God’s gifts in this world. You can start your own little group. A G.A.S. group?Just swim with your male buddies, or swim naked alone.

God created man to learn and enjoy His Creation. Stream, Creek, wooed, woods, forest, nature, adirondacks Don’t worship nature. Worship the Creator. Enjoy the body He has given you and the water he has provided.