How can I go skinny-dipping?

Duh! By just doing it. Find a body of water, (that’s secluded, and legal to swim naked in) strip off your clothes till you have nothing on, and jump in. Sound simple, right? Because it is.

  If you are on a camping trip with your buds, and you are near a secluded body of water, just run, strip, and scream like a wild man. If your friends don’t join, then just swim a while, walk out of the water , dry off, redress, and act as if nothing happened. What have you got to lose? (besides your clothes and dignity)

Ideas for going skinny-dipping with friends.

Men bathing in the nude

men skinny-dipping

You will need at least three male friends, a body of water , devotional time, prayer, and other NON-naked activities to go with the fun. That’s it! Just hang out ( no pun intended) and have fun.

If you have a group of 12 men or more, your gathering should be held at lest once a year or up to once a month. No more than that. However, if your friends skinny-dip for hygienic reasons, then PLEASE do it everyday. We suggest you use Ivory Soap or any products that are environment friendly.Underwater, man, gasguys, swimming, skinny-dipping, bubbles

Don’t skinny-dip in an unlawful area, or use unlawful cleaning products while bathing. 

Here are some Ideas



Camping is the number one outdoors activity for men to enjoy. Find a lake, river, or beach that is away from the public and you know there will be no-one around to disturb you.

Set up tents and have a normal camp-out. Don’t make skinny-dipping your main priority. Enjoy a nature hike (with clothes on).  Plus, go canoeing, fishing, or anything fun in the outdoors. At night  go skinny-dipping, or during the day if there are no people around for miles. Think of fun swimming activities and games or just throw a football at each other in the water. Enjoy the male bonding and have fun. Snorkeling or Scuba Diving is fun as well.

Swimming Pool

If you have a large number of friends who enjoy skinny-dipping, see if you could rent an indoor swimming pool for a night. Maybe your local Y.M.C.A. will allow you. From 10pm-2am would be great. Ask permission if you can swim naked in the pool, and can use another room for food. Have a guy’s night out and set aside an hour for pool games and races. Keep the place you are using clean and see if you could have a MALE lifeguard available.


If you have you or a friend have their own pool, sleepovers are a great idea. You will need a movie, junk food, pillows, and sleeping bags. The same idea as the pool idea (above), but sleeping over-night will be added.

Create Your Own Ideas

Use your God-given Imagination. There are many ways to have a GAS group.

Have fun and enjoy one another in Christ.

The video below shows you how to correctly and properly enjoy a skinny-dip (Wild Swim) with your male friends. Please observe the reaction and manner in which they display themselves while enjoying their freedom and pleasure in God’s creation. I hope you will learn a lesson from these perfect role models of simplicity.