outdoor+swim+13This Webpage has been created by the request of many G.A.S.guys’ Fans.

Here is a list of Christian Men’s Skinny-dipping Groups that has been, is now, or will be available. This Website is not responsible for what these groups do or teach.


There are NO Public Christian Men’s Nude Groups, that we know of.

How-ever, numbers of Christian Men skinny-dipping with small groups of male friends or relatives have been growing once again, slowly, in the United States and other parts of the Western world. You might try doing the same, by having a quick dip with your friends.


If You Own A Christian Men’s Nude Group:

Men skinny-dipping

Please Give us your E-mail (or group’s e-mail) Country, Town, (or Other Locations) phone number, and a website if available. You can contact us on the bottom of this page. We will then add you to the list.We also want to hear your skinny-dipping stories, rather it’s with friends or alone. Encourage your Brothers in Christ, so that they may have the courage and God given blessings of skinny-dipping.