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June 7th 2011 (Power of Words)

In today’s Modern Western Culture(s) there are so many ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and faiths. So much are there, that to count them all would be almost impossible. Some ideas have a much larger effect on people’s lives, communities, etc… There are also ideas that have no affect at all, if not just for a handful of people.

The question I sometimes ask myself, “How much of an effect does G.A.S.guys have in today’s modern world?” First, I want to make it clear that (to my knowledge) G.A.S.guys doesn’t exist as a group, club, or in any such  form.  There are no gatherings who call themselves, “Gymnos Aquatic Saints”. To say the least, G.A.S.guys is only an Idea, or an experiment that hasn’t been tested.

It’s been three years since this website was created. True, G.A.S.guys is very young, but a lot has happened since. I and some online friends have tried to create web-groups through yahoo, facebook, etc…. not all were failures, but most were hard to keep under control. Sorry to say, many groups  had to be deleted. God taught me a lot of lessons through these experiences. I’ve learned that no matter how much of a safe environment I try to make, danger (sin/evil) will always find a way in. I’ve learned to rely more on God, and how week I am without Him.

So, what has G.A.S.guys done in other men’s (and women’s) lives and thoughts? For some, I’m sad to say, have used this website to fulfill their lustful desires. I hope and pray that they read this website and it gave them second thoughts of what they were doing.

For some, they found this website foolish and nonsense. They wonder, “Why have a website to prove men can enjoy skinny-dipping together with out sinning, when there is nothing wrong with skinny-dipping in the first place?” They think we make ourselves sound so-called gay just by defending the idea.  (In a way, they might be right)

For others, they found this website the opposite of what it is meant to be taken. They see it as something scary and politically incorrect. They call or think of this website as, “A group created by closeted gays”, “homophobia”‘ “races” or “Men who may be child molesters”. My prayers are for them, and hope they will change the way they think.

For a few, this website had answers of personal, biblical, historical, and spiritual questions. A website that has helped them with their journey of faith and a whole new world of knowledge.

It’s amazing how words can be so powerful, even if I am bad speller and not good with grammar. Can you imagine how much more powerful God’s Word is? Just like G.A.S.guys’ Website, people look at God’s Word in different ways. What do so many people think about His Book? A lot like what they think about G.A.S.guys. I’m not saying that G.A.S.guys’ website is equal to God’s Word. Believe me, there is no comparison. His message changed everything. History, cultures, personal lives, the world, EVERYTHING.

You know, I don’t care if G.A.S.guys is a mockery or a joke to lots of people. I don’t care if it has any effect in this world. Maybe it’s best that it doesn’t.  My responsibility as a Christian is to go into all the world and tell the Good News to Everyone. (Mark 16:15) God’s word is far more important than mine. Praise Jesus Christ! Whatever is done good through me, God has all the glory. Whatever is not good, I am to blame. This is why we need the Holy Spirit to guide us in what we say or do. What He says through us, will affect lives, communities, and yes, the world.

God’s Will Be Done, Amen!

5/7/13 (G.A.S. Guy’s Creator’s Testimony)

I live in the Mountains and life there is, well…., a little different. I was born in the 1980s, so I horseplay+3totally missed the good ol’ days when skinny-dipping was the norm.  We don’t have any YMCA’s or swimming pools in our neck of the woods. Only lakes, rivers and streams.

When I was very young my parents got their water from a dugged well. In mid-August the well would run dry, and my mom would collect rain water in wooden water barrels for washing dishes. We would only bathe once a week and it was always on Saturday, because we would go to church the next day. There was a lake with an old state beach that was only 3 miles down the road. It was quite secluded at the time. My dad,brother and I would drive
down to the beach and bathe with Ivory soap and shampoo. After we were done, my mother and sister would bathe. This was my parents way of teaching modesty between genders.

When I reached my teen years, I was more shy about my nudity around my family. Mostly because of acne. I once looked through my grandfather’s books and saw one on a military unit my grandfather was part of during World War II. It showed photos of solders bathing together naked and made me wonder if this was a way men would
bond with each other. I also read the book, “Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, and I got into the idea of wanting to go on a raft and jumping into the water naked with friends. Sadly, this I never got to do.

My kins and I were home-schooled and we would drive an hour to the nearest YMCA for swimming lessons with other home-schoolers. This was my first time in a public locker-room. The locker-room was for guys under 18 and
some of the guys were modest and others just didn’t give a care. I decided  to be brave and shower naked showers+12while my brother would wear his swim trunks. I  felt free! My brother felt weird about it. How-ever, when he was in college, he did missions in South America and got to go skinny-dipping with some local guys. When my
brother came back, he told me that he understood why I enjoy it.

As I got older, I and a few of my male friends would skinny-dip in the lake near my home. One friend would joke around and dip in the water with his pale bottom sticking out. It was funny at the time. How-ever, people sometimes change and he began to think that skinny-dipping was gay. This got me a little upset. I could not figure out why it was gay. Does that mean I’m gay? Sadly, some people actually think it does.

As I reached my late teens and early adulthood, I would encourage my male cousins to go skinny-dipping when they visited in the summer. I was hoping (In my foolish way of thinking) that by doing this, they would start skinny-dipping at home and they would get their friends involved and soon skinny-dipping will be the norm in my country. How-ever, I found out that I was the only one my cousins would trust to go skinny-dipping with. They wouldn’t dare ask their other male friends. Once again I was upset, but was also honored that not only do they trust me going skinny-dipping with them, but they sometimes ask when they will do it again. I’ve started an unwritten family tradition with a new generation.

Still, I wanted to know why skinny-dipping wasn’t normal for guys? I started researching the history of bathing, swimming, etc….. I came to the conclusion that it’s not normal in my country any-more because of how the culture has changed in western civilization. I know that I’m not crazy in wanting to enjoy this kind of bonding with other men and that it’s not so-called gay. I’ve learned to be content with the blessings I have with my male cousins and created a website to help other men know that wanting to skinny-dip with other guys has nothing to do with being gay. It’s about being the man God created him to be and capturing one’s masculinity.

6/10/13 (Is the G.A.S. Guys Website a False Teacher?)

False TeachersA lot of Christian men are very questionable and suspicious about Gymnos Aquatic Saints, and I myself do not judge them for being so. We live in a time when many Western Christians consider nudity equal if not the same as sexuality. Thankfully, many men know that this is not so. Sadly, most of these men who know this truth are from the older generation and are slowing disappearing. Their stories and testimonies are fading away and will soon be tall tales and legends of the past. Even now, Christians are denying that Christian men of the past swam together naked. They can’t comprehend that group skinny-dipping was not only the norm, but was expected. They call websites like G.A.S.guys, false teachings. They say that G.A.S.guys is straying men away from God. I pray that Gymnos Aquatic Saints  isn’t doing that, but helping men to grow stronger in their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and to grow stronger with other Christian Brothers in faith. How-ever, if there is still  any question about this website being filled with false teachings, I encourage you to dig deep in God’s word and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in His Truth. A good verse that helps you know about False Teachers is (II Peter 2).

Also keep in mind that there will be people who’ll use G.A.S.guys to support false teachings. They will use this website to teach that homosexuality is not a sin, or that pornography of any kind is not the devil’s tool. I will state that G.A.S. guys does not stand upon these claims and will not stand for such ideas. Gymnos Aquatic Saints does believe that homosexuality is a sinful act, and pornography (naked or not) encourages men and women to desire unnatural lust. All pictures we have used in this website are historical photos of natural bonding of men in non-sexual and non-perverted ways. If you believe that there are any questionable things in this website, then please tell us so that no-one will fall into sin.

II Peter 2:1-3 God’s Word Translation

“False prophets were among God’s people in the past as false teachers will be among you. They will secretly bring in their own destructive teachings. They will deny the Lord, who has bought them, and will bring themselves swift destruction. Many people will follow them in their sexual freedom and will cause others to dishonor the way of truth. In their greed they will use good-sounding arguments to exploit you. The verdict against them from long ago is still force, and their destruction is not asleep.”

Older Men Under Attack in Locker Rooms 6/14/1

There’s a new trend on Youtube. Making fun of old naked men in the locker-room. Some day I’m going to make a video blog and salute to the older generation showing what they got.

7When I was 18, I could finally use the adult men’s locker-room in the local Y.M.C.A.. I had a routine. I changed in the locker-room, then I took a shower (naked of course) , swam some laps in the pool, used the showers again and headed back to my locker. As I was changing, an old man was standing next to me.
He was totally naked, like myself. He was over weight, had a one inch penis and was covered with white hair. He was obviously in his 70s. He began asking me questions, like where I was from, and how often I come to the Y.M.C.A.. We had a normal nonsexual conversation. Of course I saw him checking out my package while talking, but that didn’t bother me, because I was doing the same. After I was fully dressed and so was he, he said something that I will never forget. He said,” You are a credit to you peers”. I said thank you, with-out knowing what he meant and I never saw the man again.

I was taught to respect my elders and listen when they have something to say. I’m thankful that God gave me a father who taught me well, for because of this I’ve gain wisdom from the older men that I have met and listened to. Today, when you go into the locker rooms, the younger generation is afraid to walk around naked because of fear how people will judge them, or they think it’s so-called gay. Those who will walk around naked do it because they have the modern world’s view of a perfect body or they think they are gay and trying to attract another guy. How-ever, when they see an older man past his prime, they complain because he might not have the perfect body or it is sexual harassment to even be naked.

These older men will not stand up and defend themselves if these younger guys complain in their face (there will be a time that this will happen). Their wisdom keeps them silent, as if they are saying, “you’ll learn, young man”. It’s actually funny. My generation and younger who are so selfish and foolish in our thinking and stubborn in our views, makes the older generation quite modest. How Ironic. I encourage you to support the next old man who stands around naked in the locker-room. Walk up to him naked, and have a normal conversation. He is a veteran of the our past and is still fighting a cultural war.

Below are Youtube videos attacking or supporting older men and the custom of nudity in locker-rooms. Many of these videos are very offensive with awful language. I only have these videos on this website to show that there is a bad trend going on. Maybe someone should start a good trend on locker nudity. Maybe someone like you.

Transgenders and the Locker-room 3/8/14

One of my biggest fears while having gatherings for guys to enjoy a night skinny-dip is having a transgender coming to join. Why? In today’s culture transgenders are testing the limits of where they are excepted by going to places where men can only be and if they are not excepted the transgenders will then sue. ARTICLE: http://www.datalounge.com/cgi-bin/iowa/ajax.html?t=12235186#page:showThread,12235186

In the United States of America, the People’s Rights are under attack. In the U.S.A. we have a document written and voted upon, by our Founding Fathers, called the “Bill of Rights”. Our Founding Fathers believed that all men were created equal and that these Rights were given to all humans by our Creator. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right of the freedom of religion and the freedom of expression from government interference. If this is true, then as an activity designed for Christian Men Only who are Practicing their Right to Worship their Creator with-in their doctrinal faith, they should also have the right in not allowing women, or transgenders to participate. Of course, those who are reading this will call me a races and intolerant. However, as an American Citizen, it is my Right to give my view by writing what I believe (Freedom of Speech) and to practice my faith (Freedom of Religion).

In reality, this stand will soon not hold in a Nation that no longer follows it’s foundation. I Love my country and I weep for her, and pray to God to have mercy upon her. There will be a time when Christians can no longer hold on to our Creator’s given Rights, in a Nation that no longer believes in the Creator. Persecution must come, and the simple joys in life, (including skinny-dipping with Brothers in Christ) will end. But I encourage you to be glad in this.  We are not persecuted because we stand upon doctrine. We are persecuted because we believe in Jesus Christ and follow His teachings.

So what should I do if a transgender joins our skinny-dipping? If the transgender is a female, with the body-like of a male, ask HER to leave in a loving way. God created her female, therefore she will always be female no matter what she did to her body. If there is a Brother in Christ amongst you who is a male and was once a transgender with a female-like body, but changed the way he thinks because of his new faith, except him as who God created him to be. Even if he no longer has the male organs, he does have something even better. He has a testimony of his faith in Jesus Christ. That what makes him the True Image of God!

What We Have Lost!! 2/20/15

Here is a video that says everything that this blog is trying to show. I can’t say anything better then this. Please watch this vid.

The Insanity of the LBGTQ 2017