Q: Should non-Christians join my group?

A: YES! It would be non-Christian to not invite non-believers into your group. What better ministry then to have other guys join in the fun and learn about Jesus Christ. You should take every opportunity to share the Good News. But bring non-believers you have built a trustworthy relationship with. Not a total stranger, or one you might think will do harm to your fellow brothers in Christ. Also, non-believers should not take any leadership in the group. Treat non-believers as guest only.

Q: What if I or some-one gets an erection?

A: Ignore it, or laugh about it with the guy who has one. Erections are a common thing while skinny-dipping. Not all erections develop because of sexual thoughts. Some guys like the feeling of the breeze or the  water around their body and this might make them have an erection. Some times temperature has an effect. Our body is full of mysteries and science can’t tell us everything about ourselves.  Don’t judge the man who gets an erection. Act like it’s normal, because it is.

Q: What if some-one in my group doesn’t want to skinny-dip?

A: Why did he join the group in the first place? If there is a guy who doesn’t want to skinny-dip and is part of the group, then he doesn’t have to swim naked. It’s not worth making a big deal over.

Q: My church knows that I have started or am part of a skinny-dipping group or that I just skinny-dip.  They don’t like the idea and said that I should stop. What should I do?

A: If it’s a big deal with your church, then stop. Don’t leave the church because they don’t believe in skinny-dipping. Swimming naked is not all that worth the arguing over.

Q: What if a Transgender tries to join my group?

A:  If the transgender is a female, with the body-like of a male, ask her to leave in a loving way. God created her female, therefore she will always be female no matter what she did to her body. If there is a Brother in Christ amongst you who is a male and was once a transgender with a female-like body, but changed the way he thinks because of his new faith, except him as who God created him to be. Even if he no longer has the male organs, he does have something even better. He has a testimony of his faith in Jesus Christ. That what makes him the True Image of God!

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