When God created Everything, He said “It is GOOD”. But when Adam ate the forbidden  fruit, ALL that was created good on earth, is now corrupted and full of evil.  Because of Adam, we carry knowledge that we weren’t suppose to have. The knowledge of good and evil. Everything on earth is no longer what it was meant to be. Our hearts now desire things of the flesh, and not of God.

Everything is corrupted, yes, even skinny-dipping. God placed laws for us to follow so that we won’t fall into sin. But the law alone can’t save us, in fact, it makes us all the more guilty in God’s eyes. Yet there is hope. God himself want’s to walk with us, as He did with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. He wants a relationship with His creation, for He loves us. Yet, He is also Holy and Just, and He can’t walk with us unless we are pure from sin.

When He made Adam and Eve’s clothing by killing an animal to cover their nakedness,  Jesus Naked on the CrossGod also had a plan by sacrificing His Son (Jesus Christ) to cover our sins and wash us pure with His Son’s blood. To Christians, this is a beautiful thing. We can now walk with God, and by sending His Holy Spirit, we can now obey Him and follow His commands.

But what does this have to do with skinny-dipping? Well, like I said, all that was made good is now corrupted because of Adam’s disobedience.  Just as wine, knives, money, food, clothes, and sex (just to name a few) is not evil in itself. (for God either created them or gave man the knowledge to create) Evil can use these things to turn us away from God. As Christians, we need to know what is right and wrong when we are skinny-dipping alone or with other men, so that we won’t disobey our Father in heaven and fall into sin.

Also keep in mind, that when Christians gather together, God is there with them and enjoying what they do. I’m not afraid to say that when we gather together and go skinny-dipping, God is skinny-dipping with us. This should make us be filled with joy and yet be filled with fear. male swim skinny-dipping beach old photo

When we are together as one body in Christ, let our hearts and minds be pure in our thoughts and in our desires. For where we are, Christ is, and where Christ is, it is a Holy place. The ground we stand on is Holy. The water we swim in is Holy.  Wherever we gather, it is Holy. Now don’t think that being Holy means we can’t have fun. Who do you think created fun? There is a time and place for everything.

So when you and your fellow brothers in Christ are together as a G.A.S group, keep in mind , (no matter what, when, and where) God is there also. Please do not sin by thinking lustful thoughts, doing sexual activities, worshiping the human body, worshiping God’s creation, etc…….. Stay pure and God will bless all that you do. AMEN