Fathers & Sons Skinny-dipping

Fathers & Sons Skinny-dipping

It’s always a good idea to have rules and guidelines so people won’t get hurt.  Here are some Rules and Advice that G.A.S.guys came up with. You Don’t have to follow these Rules and Advice, but they would help if you have a  large group of 12 or more men.

If your gathering is a Christian Men’s Group, then at the beginning of the activities, PRAY! Have a private prayer with the leaders and then a public prayer with the group. If you are using an indoor pool (Like at the Y.M.C.A.) and they have a speaker that can be heard in all rooms, use the speaker for prayer and every-one must stop what they are doing and remain quiet till the prayer is over. (Please don’t make the prayer long!) Keep in mind, without God, this group is just another nudist gathering.

Have a leader in every room. DO NOT have a female as a leader, even though the room has no nudity in it. This is a MALE gathering ONLY! All leaders must be 18 and over. Males under the age 17 are allowed to join, ONLY if they are with their male legal guardian.

It is a good idea to have a father and son group if children are involve. This way, it’ll help stop the fear of child abuse, plus fathers and sons having fun together helps grow their relationship. This is also great for fathers to teach their son(s) what God says about nudity and sex, and educate his child(ren) on different stages of puberty . Have a quite time for the fathers and sons, so they can help each other grow in their faith and have privet talks.

Where-ever you have your group activities, make sure you keep all areas as clean (or cleaner) as when you first found them.

Have a MALE lifeguard at public pools at ALL times. If you can’t get a MALE lifeguard, then don’t use the pool.

The ONLY activity that is allowed to be done in the nude is swimming and diving. As for other activities, at least bathing suits are required.

Do NOT make skinny-dipping a rule. Many men skinny-dip because to them it’s an act of freedom. When that choice is lost, so is the enjoyment of swimming naked.

If there are guys who choose not to swim naked, don’t encourage, nor discourage them. They might not be comfortable or they came to your group out of curiosity. Treat them no different then any-one else.

Touching of another guy’s private parts are not allowed.  Please keep your hands to yourself. No sword play. (I think you know what I mean) Acting in any erotic way, that will cause another man to lust after your body, is also not allowed.

Extreme wild behavior is not allowed, unless it’s cliff jumping and ice swimming. (Be Safe)  Some-one can drown and can get hurt. We have underwater wrestling rules on our links that is attached to this website. As for wild behavior, the limits is decided by the leaders , lifeguards or the owners of the pool.

Buddy check is not just for kids. Always have a friend with you while swimming.

Food is advised ,  but after swimming activities. It’s best to serve food at the end, as well as having Biblical Devotions (not in the nude) at the same time.

Civil War Confederate Soldiers skinny dipping

Civil War Confederates bathing in a river

If camping, an hour of quite time is a good idea. Quite time is when people go off by themselves and have prayer or read the bible. It’s also O.K. to have quite time in small groups. The leaders can choose.

Midnight swimming at a beach or any body of water outdoors is IDEA!! But have waterproof flashlights or know the area you are swimming in. A campfire on the beach at the same time is also idea, but make sure someone is attending it at all times.



For groups of 12 or more.


1. Nudity is allowed ONLY in the pool area, steam room, sauna, and locker-room. Bathing suits as required in the gym, dining area, fitness room, etc…

2. Do not swim till one hour after eating.

3. If  swimming in a public pool (like the Y.M.C.A.) please follow the owner’s rules, unless the rules say bathing suits required (unless this is not allowed, then why have this group?)

4. Keep all areas and rooms clean.

5. Do not pee in the pool. (I’m sure it’s warm enough)

6. Do not touch other guy’s privates.

Camping Outdoors Rules:

These guys were used for the famous painting (The Swimming Hole)

Swimming Hole

1. Nudity is allowed ONLY on the beach, in the water, on the shore line, or in your tents.

2. Stay with the group.

3. Learn some rules and survival skills in the wilderness. (with clothes on)

Sleep-over Rules:

1.Nudity is only allowed in the pool area, hot tub, bathrooms, etc…… All other places must have at least bathing suits, towels, or boxers on.

2.Sleeping in the nude is aloud.

3. Lights out by (whatever time the leaders choose)

Do you have any other ideas, rules or comments? Please let us know. If you don’t like some of the rules or advice, please let us know and tell us why.


Below is a video of a fellow G.A.S. guy taking a dip in a pond. Thanks for the share, bro!!