This is a website (not a nudist group) for Straight Christian Men who enjoy Skinny-Dipping (a.k.a, wild swimming). Spirit, baptism, skinny-dipping, Christian, man, swimmingAre you a Christian man who enjoys (or wants to enjoy) swimming naked with your buds, but is afraid to admit it because you might be tagged as an homosexual or a nudist? Or, are you a guy who wants to enjoy the freedom of skinny-dipping alone, but is afraid to, because you might think it’s a sin? If so, this website is for you.


This website is for MALES ONLY. If you are under the age 18 and a male, please have a male adult with you while viewing this website.  This website contains male nudity. (Mostly Antique  Photos and Paintings) If pictures and paintings of male nudity helps you sin against God, please do not view our website. This website might be offensive to Homosexuals , Extreme Feminist and some modern views and ideas. This website is grounded on old fashion Christian principles. This is not a nudist group nor an anti-feminist group. This website is of man’s opinion and should not be quoted or taken as God’s Word. If the Holy Spirit convicts you not to look any further into this website, then we encourage you to obey.Thanks for visiting, and God’s blessings be upon you.